This is a digital space for conversations and reactions to the Lynching in LaBelle project. We’d love to know what you all think.

What are your reactions to the site? How did the content make you feel? Is this history important? What did you like? What you would like to see more of? Are you interested in being interviewed? What could we do to improve the site? Anything at all, let us know!

11 Comments on “This is a digital space for conversations and reactions to the Lynching in LaBelle project. We’d love to know what you all think.”

  1. Great website. History is important to know and to learn from. Glad this is here to educate and inform.

  2. This website is an excellent source of information and I look forward to continuing to follow any new info or discussions.

  3. Learning about our history more completely is useful and important. It helps us make sense of the present and better understand others. I appreciate the detail and source material. Thank you!

  4. Extensive, detailed and comprehensive. Very interesting. Thanks for all of the work and research.

  5. What a terrifying reality. I can’t believe this happened so close to where I live as an adult. History is so important to understanding where we are as and people. Thank you for bringing this story to light.

  6. Living in labelle, this has been a story for a long time. Locals deny it ever happened.

  7. Herbert Rider was my Great Grandfather, and this article is a piece of history I was unaware of. It is so well written, and I appreciate all the research and effort to put this together. My Heart is burdened for what took place but am blessed to know there were some who would stand against injustice. I am a proud Great Grandchild, and I am passing this on to my son and grandchildren.

  8. I live in Lee County and found this story to be a very interesting and important part of history for the area.
    I feel sad that Mr Patterson didn’t receive the justice that was sought for him. And I’d like to know more about how the town recovered and moved on from this as so many people were named as being part of the mob.
    Thank you for your hard work on this project.

    1. Brenda, this is a great question. We are still working on tackling this issue. I’m hoping to start recording more interviews with locals soon. Hopefully we can help provide some insight into how LaBelle’s residents moved on after this horrific act of violence.

  9. I really appreciate that someone is not afraid to tell the truth about the the situation with facts, this is a well kept secret and not discussed at all. Thank you for informing and educating.

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